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Anonymous asked: We have the same name!

What a coincidence right!? Have a nice day ! ^^

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Why is it that every time Clark mentions Jor-El to someone, the response is always “Your biological father?” Even his parents do that.

No. Jor-El is just some random homeless dude Clark found in the barn.

I didn’t notice but now it’s said : true!! Bizarre! Superbizarre!

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No particular order, I just wrote them after how they showed up in my head. All of the reasons are important.

1. They bonded from the beginning

2. They share their love for Kurt Vonnegut

3. Because she said “You just made my day” and he said “Anytime”

4. Because she thinks he’s a “Good guy, who make people around him feel good”

5. Both of them have trust issues, but in the end they trust each other

6. Because he calls her “Princess”
Which he doesn’t call anyone, just her

7. They arguing like a old married couple

8. They have an awesome, obvious and great chemistry

9. They like to teas and flirt with each other

10. They have eye-contact in the field

11. They know when something is up with one another

12. They know what the other one is thinking, with out using words

13. They wear matching clothes

14. Because Derek was jealous when he found out about Emily’s past with Doyle

15. He was the only one who’s only priority was to chase down Doyle

16. Because he wanted to quite his job to “chase down the son of a bitch who killed Emily”

17. The way the always look at each other

18. They have their “secret smiles” for one another

19. Because of the deleted scene between Reid and Morgan in 2x16 Fear and Loathing

20. Because Ed Bernero said it was the only paring that made sense

21. Because Matthew Gray Gubler, who directed 6x18 Lauren. Said “Morgan takes it as her boyfriend”

22. Rossi knew Morgan was jealous
when he found out that Emily slept with Doyle (Even if he didn’t admit it)

23. Morgan called her “baby”

24. Because Emily said in ‘Omnivore’ that “He was alive and that was all that matters”

25. They comfort each other

26. The way they looked at each other when Emily came back in 7x01 It Takes a Village

27. Because their hug was the most intimate in the whole history

28. Because Paget wanted the last dance in the season 7 finale to be with Morgan

29. Because “They don’t know him like she does”

30. Emily was jealous in 3x17 In Heat, when Detective Lopez flirted with Derek

31. Because he asked if she wanted to feel his six-pack. She paused before she said no, which means she probably wanted too

32. He wants a “neck rub and morning coffee from her”

33. They are the most kick-ass agents in the whole team

34. Both of them are so stubborn

35. Both of them do everything to protect the ones they love

36. After the explosion in the season 7 finale. Derek worried over Emily and yelled after her the same way JJ did for Will.

37. Because they danced the same way as JJ & Will at the wedding

38. They can’t hide anything from each other

39. Emily said she would do “anything” to make it up to him and he looked at her chest

40. Because of the kiss Shemar & Paget shared

41. Because Emily was so excited when she found out that Derek was
going to be her trainer

42. Because if Reid noticed the flirting, it’s obvious

43. They would be the hottest, most perfect couple

44. Their babies would be the cutes babies ever

45. They already have the “foundation” for a relationship

46. They had something from the beginning..

47. They way Derek worried for Emily in 4x03 Minimal Loss

48. Their cute conversion trough the laser in Minimal Loss

49. Morgan wanted to shoot Doyle himself

50. Both of them are fighters

51. Because of Emily’s said “Profiling me again, you wish you hadn’t” in 6x17 Valhalla

52. Because Shemar said he “Respect Paget and miss her so much”

53. Because Paget said they flirted a lot

54. Morgan & Prentiss are the only one who have leather jackets

55. Emily asked him to come with her to look at the house she thought of to buy in 7x23 Hit

56. Because Derek said he would “Always” be there for her and he fought for her even when he thought she was dead

57. Because Derek’s family would love her and they have already met her

58. Both of them have troubling pasts

59. Because Paget imitated Shemar on Twitter

60.Because Shemar said “Here’s a little fun about my girl Paget Brewster..” When he was guest on a show

61. Paget called Shemar “Honey”

62. Because of Emily’s reaction when Derek held Henry in 4x11 “Normal”

63. Because Derek blamed himself when she got shoot in 7x15 A Thin Line

64. Because he “Misses her already”

65. Because one of Morgan’s nicknames is “Chocolate Thunder” and Emily loves chocolate

66. Because they were rated on a list of “Top 10 Romantically Challenged TV Couples”

67. Because did an analysis of “The Morgan/Prentiss relationship”

68. Because Derek said “She was never the antelope” He’s like a lion, protects everybody, which means Emily probably is his lioness

69. Because it was “Seven moths of hell” with out her

70. Because in season 5, after Haley’s death, When Morgan was temporary unit chief he paired himself up with Prentiss

71. Because Derek was the one who noticed that something was wrong when Emily found out about Doyle’s escape from prison

72. Because she wanted him give her a cognitive interview after she got hit by a truck

73. He likes to “push her around”

74. Because in 4x25 To Hell and Back. Emily says “I’ve heard Detroit is beautiful in the spring” and looks at Morgan and they smile

75. Because I’m pretty sure some of the writers ship them too

76. Because Morgan/Prentiss is the best ship

77. Because both of them have worked in Chicago

78. Because Derek said “There’s a whole other side to that woman, whole other side”

79. They are probably closest on the team

80. Morgan and Garcia visited Emily in London

81. Because it’s something with them and woods

82. The way Emily said “I love you” in the season 7 finale

83. Because in 4x04 Paradise. Emily said she had a “Date with her hot tube” and Derek said “That sounds like a party”

84. Because of the way Emily “ran” to Derek when Reid passed her to him in the dance scene

85. Their relationship can be both soft and serious at the same time

86. Because Emily warned him to get to personal involved with the case with Ellie Spicer

87. They’re synchronized when they take their weapons

88. Because Morgan trusted her to tell her what he promised Matt Spicer in 6x01 The Longest Night

89. They’re partners in crime

90. Even though they haven’t said it words, but in glances,they love each other

91. They care for each other

92. Because she touching his back

93. They hang out at each others desks

94. Because they are always ready to protect each other
95. Because they’re so perfect that you forget that they actually weren’t a couple

96. Because she doesn’t know as much about pig farms as he think she does

97. Because Morgan stops listen to music while Emily tells the story in 5x13 Risky Business

98. Because they are just perfect

99. Everybody should ship them because of all those reasons

100. And because of all their moments, scenes through the years

This is hundred reasons, but I would still say it’s just a few. But one thing is for sure..Emily & Derek belong together♥

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I’ve just watched coda, valhalla and Lauren (6x16,17,18) and I cant’t stop crying right now… 

the final scene of the 18 at the cimetery and the one just before at the hospital when everybody (Rossi, Reid…) is crying. 

We can just see the pain in their eyes… Their world just collapsed

GOSH! I hate when people play with my feelings! 

Best episode ever! 

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